Welcome to the League leaderboard

This leaderboard is an alternative to the official Population: One leaderboards. Instead of calculating rank position based on cumulative kills or wins, we use Win Ratio, Damage Ratio and Kill Ratio combined to come up with the player’s LP (League Points).

League Points

There is a different weight for each ratio used, where Win Ratio is the most prominent one. The calculation goes as follows:

League Points calculation:
Win ratio = total wins / total games played
Damage ratio = total damage / total games played
Kill ratio = total kills / total games played
WRE = Win ratio * 10
DRE = Damage ratio / 200
KR = Kill ratio
League Points = ((WRE * 3) + (DRE * 2) + KR)*100
Simulation for an average player:
Win ratio: 0.25
Damage ratio: 300
Kill ratio: 1.8
WRE = 2.5
DRE = 1.5
KR = 1.8
League Points = (7.5+3+1.8)* 100 = 1230

Rank Badges

Players will be condecorated with badges depending on their position on the leaderboard based on the total number of players.

  • Amongst the top 1%: Immortal Badge
  • Amongst the top 10%: Diamond Badge
  • Amongst the top 30%: Platinum Badge
  • Amongst the top 50%: Gold Badge
  • Amongst the top 70%: Silver Badge
  • Below the top 70%: Bronze Badge

I can’t see my user, how do I get into the leaderboard?

In short: Position yourself above #5000 on the official Population One Weekly Kills Leaderboard and by the end of the week you will be on leaderboard. leaderboard does not include all Population One players. We have a method to select eligible players to make data indexing less costly and performance friendly.
We select and add players to leaderboard every week.
To get selected to the leaderboard, your position on the official Population One Weekly Kills leaderboard will have to be better than #5000 at the end of any given week (Sunday 4AM EST). You also need at least 100 Total Career Games Played. After being selected, your ratios will start being collected and your user will start appearing on the League leaderboard.
Your user will be removed from our leaderboard if you become inactive for 1 week. Don’t worry, when you start playing again you will be able to get back with the same process described above.

How often does leaderboard get refreshed with my stats?

Once every 24h. We do not intend to create any type of overhead cost to the data servers we read. So we cautiously made a system that reads the data from the players on our leaderboards on a spread timestamp which results in having an updated leaderboard only once every 24h.