Bloody Evenings

Welcome to the bloody evenings!

This is a daily event where teams will compete for their best stat change on a specific period of time. Everyday from 6pm EDT to 9pm EDT all registered teams will have their stats tracked. An average League Points will be calculated using the stats change for each team member on this specific period, generating the team´s League Points for the event. When the event ends, all participating teams will be ranked based on the results.

  • Teams must have exactly 3 players.
  • There is no custom room. All teams will be playing public matches on the timespan of the event.
  • All members of the team must play at least 5 public matches games inside the time-period of the event, otherwise the whole team will disconsiderer for that everyday.
  • All teams will have their best position on any past Bloody Evenings Rank written on the team´s listing on Bloody Evenings Page.
  • Previous stat won't affect the calculation, so on every Bloody Evenings, all teams have their chance.
  • Team members will have a special widget on their Stats Page showing their team name, members and team badge with the team's best position and team league points on any past Bloody Evenings tournaments with the date it happened.
  • Teams members that won 1st place on any Bloody Evenings will earn a special Profile Picture Frame on their listing of all ranks.
  • This is an experimental first attempt at an event like this. Things can change in the future.
  • A team must be registered and validated before the event starts in order to participate!